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Full-stack company. What does it mean?


They work on both the front end and the back end. They create native and hybrid mobile apps. They build an IoT device from scratch and handle the whole electronics from the stage of the PCB. Here, you will find out how a full-stack company works and what it can offer customers. What competencies should this company have to act as a technological partner?

In the IT industry, everyone is familiar with the position of a full-stack developer, who – according to the definition – skillfully tackles all the parts of the technology stack. However, there are few companies on the Polish market, which focus their activities on the idea of full-stack development in the broad sense. How do these types of enterprises work and what value-added benefits await their customers once they start working with them?

I have an idea for an IoT product

To better understand the idea of the full stack development, we will use a simple example. The customer comes to us with the initial idea of creating a sensor. Apparently, during the initial talks and analyses, it turns out that the sensor, to fulfill its purpose, has to be a part of the technological ecosystem, in which every element has to be integrated. The device, for its proper functioning, requires also the mobile app, the web application, and the CMS. In this example project, one contractor can deal with the software, firmware, and hardware components.

All works are held under one roof and without the additional involvement of other parties in the project. The customer does not waste time searching for other subcontractors, which need access to code, technical specifications, or need to get familiar with the details of the whole enterprise from its beginning. Not to mention the difficulties, which may result from the cooperation between several companies. After all, each one of them has its own system of work and internal procedures. The price of such a complex project is also an important issue. The overall pricing of the entire implementation from one company would be definitely lower than the summed pricing of individual components from different enterprises.

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