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Sova on alert. Intelligent business protection system


It controls and keeps watch 24 hours a day and when necessary, it immediately calls for an intervention. Unscrupulous technology has entered the security industry, where speed and efficiency are the most important factors. The IoT device prepared by our R&D team is a solution that will successfully replace traditional security. Get to know Sova, an intelligent monitoring system. 

It belongs to the group of predatory species. It hunts mainly at night and leads a sedentary lifestyle. The owl – because that is what we are talking about – is certainly also easier to hear than to see, which makes it an ideal observer. Now, moving from science lessons into the world of technology, the owl turns into a Sova (Sowa in polish language means Owl) with all the qualities that characterise an almost perfect predator. The only difference is the purpose of their „attact”.

Sova is an interdisciplinary and multi-purpose monitoring system contained in a single IoT device. Smart boxes are equipped with cameras and motion detectors combined with a modern security system that can automatically trigger an alarm at any time. Data from cameras and sensors monitoring the area are collected in real time and transmitted to the headquarters of the security company. The system allows security guards to remotely transmit a voice message to an intruder found on the building area, or to simply set off an audible alarm to scare them away. What does the mysterious abbreviation Sova mean? It is a Security Operating Video Audio system that will protect and control your business or investment 24 hours a day

Mobility and flexibility

An intelligent monitoring system means preventing theft while reducing security costs. This solution have eliminated human weaknesses and the best skills of security guards have been “locked” in a single IoT device. The audio-visual control mechanism allows you to address a voice warning to the thief or in case of an emergency, send an intervention group immediately. The guards have access to the recordings in real time, but the material is also archived which helps to identify those who are committing offences or to forward the recordings to the proper services. Our system is designed to handle any type of facility and open spaces – from large areas to individual buildings. 

Sova operates without electricity, and the installation of the equipment is expected to take only one working day. Additionally, the device is portable and the installation can be easily moved to other places, which makes the investor save a lot of money.

Technology: Sova on the lighthouse 

The primary function of the product is to continuously stream images from all cameras connected to the device. What is important, all data and recordings are archived by the system. Thanks to constant communication, alarm devices can be remotely activated and the operator can immediately send messages for the voice intervention. It is worth noting that the autonomous monitoring system is completely pro-ecological, as it is powered by a photovoltaic installation and a wind turbine, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the device all year round. Alternatively, Sova can operate using power from the lighthouse on which it is installed. Additionally, the system has an emergency battery, which in case of sabotage or basic power failure allows the device to work up to 20 hours. 

Below we would like to present a detailed technical description of the IoT device, which was made by our R&D team. We were responsible for both hardware (boxes, monitoring) and software (e.g. sound signals, warning messages).

Maximum number of HD cameras: 9
Signalling devices: Optical/Acoustic/Streaming Audio
Controller: Mobile Application / PC Application
System voltage: 10.5-14.5V DC
Can operate from 230V AC power supply
Maximum power of the photovoltaic installation: 300 W
Maximum output of a wind turbine: 400 W
Emergency battery: 20 hours of service after basic power failure
Post height max: 5m (+ lightning protection 1m)

24-hour security. Who should use it?

Everyone who runs a large construction project should properly protect and control the construction site. After all, it is a place to store building materials, equipment and machinery that may tempt thieves. Sova observes and provides protection of the construction site at night and during the daytime effectively supervises employees or subcontractors and controls their work quality. We can be sure that our bodyguard does not feel tired and will not lose concentration even for a moment, and when there is a need it will respond accordingly.

Source: Unsplash

Sova likes to keep her predatory eyes on the construction site, but she can also supervise other places that require constant monitoring. One of them is certainly the urban areas, where the security services have limited possibilities to monitor several points of the city at once. The system can control places identified as dangerous, threatened by vandalism and at the same time it is able to prevent the creation of wild dumps in green areas. The System also enables control of private properties or new housing estates. In this case, the quick interversion in the event of car theft or vandalism is the main priority. Technological supervision will also work well in factories and production halls, where fast and efficient protection of the plant area outside working hours is needed.

The project has also become a real answer to business challenges after the Covid-19 pandemic, where security concerns become a priority. The solution allows to minimize human involvement in controlling and checking the protected area as much as possible. The security company monitors everything on an ongoing basis and only has to intervene physically in emergency situations. Significantly, it is the system operator who makes the final decision to react to the incident and Sova acts as their advisor and assistant.  

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