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Thermovision Temperature Measurement System, the first protective shield against coronavirus


We are responding to the enormous challenge to combat the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit almost every branch of the economy. The Thermovision Body Temperature Measurement System is the first protection barrier and a tool that allows industrial, manufacturing and commercial companies to adapt to the new restrictions that they are facing nowadays and will continue to do so in the coming months after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Our solution guarantees non-contact body temperature measurement, which examine simultaneously a dozen or so people at a speed counted in milliseconds. Thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithm, the system is able to detect the subfebrile state in an instant and precise way, even in unstable environmental conditions. Such information may indicate the first symptoms of infection and thus we can reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading among employees and customers. 

Body temperature measurement is one of the first and most important tools to combat coronavirus outbreak. Our system is in compliance with the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Development concerning control of industrial plant employees during the ongoing pandemic. The solution – based on thermal and black body cameras – provides contactless and accurate body temperature measurement. This allows for immediate detection of anomalies in places with a high flow of people and implementation of subsequent safety procedures immediately. A person who is detected with an elevated temperature can be directed to additional examinations and prevented from entering the plant or facility. 

Cameras measure temperature

How does the thermal imaging test work? First of all, it takes place without any contact and starts as soon as we find ourselves in the area of thermal imaging camera examination. The non-contact measurement is carried out in real time and remotely at a distance of 3-5 meters from the detector, in a field approximately 3 meters wide. The temperature measurement is very fast, because it examines a dozen or so people simultaneously at a speed of about 30 milliseconds. What’s also important is that our cameras do not require additional people to be involved in the process.

At this point, we will describe one of the biggests assets of our system, which are accuracy and efficiency of the measurements. The elements used in our solution have the highest parameters among current temperature measurement systems, and this ensures exceptional precision. Among others, the use of Black Body technology allows only for ±0.3°C error. When a predefined temperature is exceeded, we immediately receive a notification. The technology places the measurement results on the visual image and creates an intuitive visualization. The green colour indicates the correct temperature and the red value is increased, thus triggering the alarm. 

And where is the mask?

The Thermovision Temperature Measurement System also employs Artificial Intelligence which finds only those points on the face of the examined person that allows for precise measurement and will not be susceptible to external factors, e.g. an employee with hypothermic features. Thanks to the algorithm, the measurement is undisturbed. In addition, our intelligent system does not only capture the person and their temperature, but also other parameters, such as whether the person has a mask or other mandatory elements of clothing on. Our solution also minimizes errors resulting from atmospheric conditions, as it detects points that are crucial for proper measurement. 

The system identifies a group of people, because the measurement is based solely on the detected faces. The temperature is measured  for all passing people and the data is compared and then saved in a database. We are aware that everyone nowadays is concerned about time and minimizing the increasing losses associated with Covid-19, so our solution is available immediately and can be installed and implemented in one day.

How does it work? Black Body technology

Our solution is based on thermal imaging cameras, which use a temperature pattern. Hence, black body is a device that works as a temperature pattern for the camera. We place it in the field of vision of the lens and set the desired temperature, for example 36.6°C. In a thermal imaging camera, we mark where the pattern is located and what temperature it emits. The camera then compares the heat emitted by moving people with the set pattern. The camera’s error range is reduced to ±0.3°C, which allows the camera to accurately detect any anomaly. When a person exceeding the standard is identified, the system will automatically inform us by a pre-programmed alarm. 

The solution is primarily easy to use by the customer and does not require any additional support; it also gives the possibility of connecting a mobile version to the current service. The product enables cooperation with external systems and is open to integration with already implemented control solutions. Additionally, it can provide current monitoring and trend detection. 

Below we are presenting detailed technical data of the elements which – with proper preparation of the measurement, calibration and programmers’ work – make up the Thermovision Temperature Measurement System.

Thermal cameras: 
Detector resolution: 400 * 300
Spectral range: 8μm ~ 14μm
Thermal imaging lens: 13mm
Visible light lens: 8mm
Sensitivity: <40 mK
Sound and light alert: built-in white light warning light, horn
Temperature measurement range: 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Resolution: 1920×1080
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃, with black body; ± 1 ℃, without black body

Black Body: 
Working temperature: 40.0°C 
Ambient temperature: +5.0°C ~ 50.0°C
Temperature resolution : 0.1°C  
Measurement temperature accuracy: ±0.2°C
Temperature stability : ±(0.1 ~ 0.2)°C  /30 min.
Effective Emissivity: 0.97±0.02 

Server IVS: 
Max 400 Mbps of incoming traffic
Up to 8 face recognition channels for regular cameras
Up to 20 face recognition channels for face detection cameras
Up to 50 face bases with 300,000 face photos

Live monitoring
AI Search: Search for incident or face photos
Friendly user interface
Easy to use and implement alarm information

For whom? Some people work, others want to be prepared

In recent weeks, body temperature measurement in large companies and workplaces with huge numbers of employees has become a nearly permanent procedure. By doing so, employers are trying to secure the continuity of their business and commercial processes and guarantee undisturbed and safe work conditions for their staff. The coronavirus outbreak in the workplace may mean temporary suspension of activities and thus huge financial losses. That’s why the Thermal Vision Temperature Measurement System is currently regarded as the best solution for logistics centres, production plants, warehouses, commercial spaces or office buildings, but also for medical facilities where staff members are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus infection.  

According to the government’s strategy of de-freezing the economy, it is crucial to adapt to the new reality that entrepreneurs will face in the coming weeks, months, and – according to some forecasts – even years. Our system allows for immediate detection of irregularities in places with a high flow of people. Apart from industrial and production spaces, this also applies to shopping malls, airports, railway stations, offices, cultural institutions and conference centres, as well as universities and schools. In the future, the Thermovision Temperature Measurement System may also support the organisers of various events.

The project is a real answer to business challenges after the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the skills of our programmers and cooperation with our business partner Euvic, we are delivering an effective tool to fight the invisible enemy. We are aware of the fact that beyond the know-how we need today, time counts as never before. Therefore, with our 30 service and assembly points all over Poland we guarantee installation within 24 hours

In the current situation, the experience gained during the implementation of our unique Movstat system will also be of great value. By teaming up the strengths of the Software and R&D departments, customers will have the opportunity to expand the Thermovision Temperature Measurement System  with the functionality of our flagship product.

Interested in our solution? Write to We will answer all of your questions and prepare a personalized offer.


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