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The result of the R&D department's work are two products combining the offline and online worlds, i.e. MovStat and EON Beacon. These are interdisciplinary solutions, which have already implemented in projects involving more than a dozen industries. Introduction of new products to the market has required a huge commitment on our part, but now we know that it has been the right direction for the development of our company.

Our products

  • MovStat is a system that analyzes anonymous data about the movement and behavior of people in places where your business operates. MovStat provides statistics that help you make key decisions in retail, stations, airports and customer service points. The solution is based on camera images and dedicated software.

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  • The EON Beacon is a small battery-operated device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The transmitter sends out signals which, thanks to the application, reach smartphones and provide the user with personalised information. Individual devices are connected to each other by a mesh network, which allows for efficient management of the entire system.

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  • GoodieBox is a combination of a vending machine, a mobile app and virtual points. IoT product supports motivation system in companies – allows employees to both show appreciation and reward one another. System can be easily paired with your intranet or other apps you use.


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