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New office and new projects


We have had depilator tests, trips to beautiful marinas, the grand launch of an electric car in Germany, and for dessert – a move to a new office. A lot has been going on lately, so those interested are invited to a brief report on Netizens.

Thousands of work hours, splendid projects, building friendly relationships, several tabletop football tournaments, lots of super parties or many other unforgettable stories we can’t even count. After more than six years, we are moving out of the A4 building in the Porcelain Factory (Fabryka Porcelany). We leave the old headquarters with great sentiment, but we will remain at 23 Porcelanowa Street in Katowice. The only difference is that since June 1 we have checked into Building K. Here – not only on the design side – we can’t complain of boredom either.

Electric car and Neymar

This was supposed to be a project like many we had already completed. It was about making the frontend of a new website. However, as time went by, it turned out that it would not be so easy at all. The website was to accompany the launch of the new e.wave X electric car model. Therefore, it had to be elegant, spectacular and, above all, encourage users to buy the new electric car. The E.go company took care of every detail, and one of the biggest football stars – Neymar from Brazil – became the ambassador and face of the brand.

Our developers worked using the React.js library. It turned out to be quite a challenge to seamlessly embed the 3D animation of the car overlapping other elements of the page. At first, only the outside, and later also the inside of the car. On top of that, we also had to implement a challenging mechanism used for split upload of images in the animation, as well as making a side menu. It is still worth noting that even Apple does not have animations in the background of photos, texts or headers. Not to mention the anchor menu, taking you to other sections of the page containing animations. The end result is truly unique, well – check it out yourself. We realized the project for the e.GO brand thanks to cooperation with our long-time partner ConceptX.

Conquering the Beauty Industry

In recent years, we at Netizens have been boldly blazing trails in a variety of industries and are still not slowing down. Now our technology has entered into a beauty salon. All thanks to the partnership with a company that operates in the aesthetic medicine market. Among other things, the company has a depilation device in its offer, but their current product – due to a change in the EU directive – does not have the appropriate medical certificates.

Our task is to build – based on an earlier design – such a product from scratch. Additionally, we need to do it in such a way that the device already has the proper paperwork and, of course, the depilation process is as painless as possible. At this stage of the project, we have handed over the Proof of Concept to the client, where we have made all the necessary electronics. After the testing phase, the time will come for the final version of the device.

Ahoy, adventure!

From the beauty salon we smoothly move, or rather sail, towards the marina. Here the yachts are moored, looking to literally recharge their batteries after their sea voyages. For this purpose, power poles come to their aid. This process, however, is currently not automated at all, and their “guts” are often simply archaic. And this is where we have stepped into the game. As part of PoC – for the marina manager – we have developed the electronics for the next-generation of power poles.

We have already installed several dozen devices in one of the European resorts. The solution is currently being tested in field conditions. The 2.0 poles are designed to automate the process of powering moored yachts and billing for the electricity consumed. Everything is done wirelessly, using LoRa technology. The device is to be eventually integrated with a mobile application. Several hundred more units are in the planning.

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