Technology definitely goes hand in hand with activities in the area of ​​employer branding. Our task - in cooperation with the Evtrad event agency - was to develop Amazon's incentive program with smart vending machines, from which employees will be able to receive prizes. The implementation of the system was preceded by a successful pilot of an IoT device in one of the client's logistics centers.

Scope of work

All vending machines are equipped with our proprietary software. We have written a CMS to support and manage them. We also prepared graphic design, programmed the front of touch screens, and developed and configured communication between the machine and the server. The entire incentive system is based on the Amazon Swag loyalty program. Department managers directly award points to employees who can exchange them for rewards from the device. Employees reflect their employee cards on the screen of the smart machine. They are immediately shown the number of their points and the catalog with available products. Then they are given the opportunity to choose a gadget along with a hint from which shelf they can pick up a given gift. Employees can also view the history of their points, submit a complaint or read a message from the machine administrator. Everything is saved in the CMS. Administrators and selected managers see in it, among others, a list of employees, the number of transactions, the stock of gifts, or reported complaints.


The IoT device – called Amazon Box or SWAGomat – is very easy to use, and combines a modern design and a user-friendly interface. Thanks to this, the prize collection procedure is quick and intuitive. An interesting addition is birthday gifts and extra rewards for exceptional work, which can be selected – without spending points – from the smart machine. All this makes the solution very popular among Amazon employees and thus strengthened employer branding and HR activities of the employer. Currently, several Amazon Boxes have been implemented in logistics centers throughout Poland. Further projects are planned.


Machine: Electron, React.js

Backend: PHP8


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