ION – utility consumption monitoring


ION is another proprietary product of our R&D department. It is an intelligent real-time utility consumption monitoring system. Thanks to constant control, it ensures real savings and security of key infrastructure elements. The web application makes the data from the IoT device analyzed and presented to the client in a convenient and intuitive panel.

Scope of work

Our solution required both engineering and programming work. ION allows you to read up to 6 counters with pulse output or 32 counters with serial output. The IoT device communicates wirelessly – thanks to the LoRaWAN protocol – with the web application. The application allows you to monitor utility consumption in real time. In addition, it generates alerts for exceeding consumption and, importantly, allows you to group meters by location or tenant. It provides aggregate and individual utility consumption statistics, as well as individual graphs of instantaneous values. Generates reports for a given period and enables data export.


The ION system monitors the consumption of e.g. electricity, water, gas, or heating in real-time, identifying energy-intensive devices and detecting any failures. By tracking theft or uncontrolled utility consumption, it also acts as a guard. As a result, managers can count on savings in utility consumption and reliable forecasts that will allow them to better manage the infrastructure. The advantage is also easy access – thanks to the application – to data from anywhere in the world and their remote control. The device is used in industrial and production facilities, office complexes, public utility buildings, shopping malls, and sports, and tourist facilities.

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Device: LoRaWAN

Web application: React, Node.js


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