By any measure, this is by far the largest project in Netizens' history. Our client is D-Marin, which manages several dozen marinas in Europe and Asia. We were entrusted with the task of creating a new generation of power pedestals. Small ports moor primarily yachts that literally want to recharge their batteries after sea voyages. In marinas, pedestals supplying energy and water come to their aid. However, their existing interiors were archaic and the service process itself was not automated at all.

Scope of work

In order to optimize the costs of this huge project and minimize the number of parts in each pedestal, we designed and manufactured our own IoT device. It is responsible, among other things, for reading meters, controlling sockets and solenoid valves, as well as wireless communication with the server in the marina. The device is accompanied by a dedicated operating system that, among others, manages it, collects data, transmits information, and supports energy savings. LoRa technology is used throughout the entire communication process between the pedestal and the system. The implementation of 2.0 pedestals in all marinas was preceded by a site visit. Installation works carried out on site were always carried out under our supervision. In the project – in addition to the engineering and programming work performed – logistics and the purchase of device components are equally important.


We modernized the pedestals by installing over 2,500 IoT devices. Currently, they operate in several marinas, including: in Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Turkey. More European ports are planned. Pedestals 2.0 automated the process of powering moored yachts and calculating fees for consumed electricity and water in marinas. Nowadays, everything is done wirelessly. The new devices are also integrated with the mobile application. The next stage of the project is for us to build the entire pedestal from A to Z, mass produce it, and finally implement it in one of the marinas.


LoRa, Node.JS, Mongodb, MQTT, Apache


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