The piggy bank with the application is a new banking product designed for both parents and children. Its main goal is to teach kids how to save money. Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken are behind this Fintech initiative. The whole technological project, myFamilyFinance – for now, directed to the German market – consists of the IoT device, the banking system, software, and mobile. Cheil Germany is responsible for all work and its coordination. Our task was to create the mobile application to manage the MyPiggy and to create the website to promote the initiative.

Scope of work

From the beginning of work, the communication between the application and the IoT product was crucial. The configuration of the device is done via Bluetooth, which turns on the wi-fi in the piggy bank, enabling MyPiggy to communicate with the AWS IoT cloud. The application sends a request using the MQTT protocol, which already passes the data and information from the application to the digital piggy bank. MyFafi is a native application. The client plans to continually develop it and to launch new features. It was written in Swift programming language for the iOS systems and the Kotlin programming language for the Android systems.


This is our next mobile implementation made directly for the German market. The application functions as the main guide in the myFamilyFinance ecosystem. It is designed for parents and allows them to set savings goals for children. They can put their pocket money in the piggy bank, and their parents can fill it up virtually with money with the application. MyPiggy displays the current account balance and responds to the new transactions, the money collected and the goals achieved in the application. It is also possible to run an arcade game, set a reminder or an alarm clock in the smart piggy bank, using the smartphone. The application contains tips and information about managing the family’s finances. The device itself may also serve as a classic piggy bank, with an additional coin level sensor.


App: Swift , Kotlin

Landing page: React, Gatsby.js


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