AR-Art application


Our task was to create a mobile application for Android cooperating with Augmented Reality. The place of its premiere was the biggest event of the consumer electronics industry in Germany. The event in Berlin was strongly connected with the world of street art, so the work on the application required cooperation with art galleries. The project was carried out together with a German creative agency for its regular client who wanted to mark its presence at the fair.

Scope of work

With the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, each application owner could see what was invisible to the eye – the only thing a person should do was to point the smartphone lens at a selected mural to “enliven” it and launch an expanded content. Our application interacted with the space and created a different world around a work of art on the street or in an art gallery. In addition, it served as an event guide, so it contained lists and maps of all galleries, murals and events, as well as information about events and artists. Our project made the German capital dominated by art and technology.


It was another mobile project that we managed to implement positively beyond our western border. It is worth noting it was the first time we used AR on such a large scale. The key to success was very good communication with the client and proper planning of all the works. The application perfectly combined the world of street art and technology and also brought a lot of attention to our client during the event in Berlin.

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Part of the AR: Unity, ARCore, Vuforia.

Android application: Java


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