Technology is entering the world of painting at its highest level. In cooperation with creative agency Cheil Germany and their client Samsung our task was to develop both an AI mobile app, that would transfer a selfie into a true work of art and the software for the whole system. Samsung’s goal with the “Your Selfie Your Artwork” experience was to promote the latest models of smartphones from the South Korean giant in Europe and then in the United States.

Scope of work

The integrated ecosystem consisted of a mobile app with an AI module, a CMS, and a desktop application built with Electron technology. The mobile app was connected – via WiFi – to the desktop application on a minicomputer connected to the TV. The function of the app, written in Java, was to take a selfie and to apply the filter selected by the user with the use of AI. For this purpose, we used the TensorFlow library. The user could display the new version of the picture on the TV immediately. The desktop application collected statistics of the photos taken and provided the filters to edit the selfie.


The “Your Selfie. Your Artwork.” app was on display at the Samsung showrooms in Berlin, London, and recently in New York. Visitors could take a picture of themselves with the latest model of the smartphone. Then, our solution allowed them to transform the selfie into a masterpiece in the style of famous painters, for example, van Gogh’s. The selfie – in the modified version – was presented on the TV connected to the smartphone. The customer of the showroom could enjoy his creative self-portrait on the spot and could also send this unique souvenir to a chosen e-mail. The statistics of photographs were available in the CMS.


Java, Electron, WordPress, AI


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