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Elderly people, people with less mobility, those moving in wheelchairs, and even those with small children under their care. For them, going shopping in a large-format store often turns out to be quite a challenge. Searching for products on the shelves, standing in line, or just moving between the shelves can be extremely problematic. The Help&Care system prepared by us is to be the solution to these and other store problems. The project was implemented for the IoT System as part of PAED's co-financing.

Scope of work

The Help&Care platform consists of three components. “Moving” nodes – located thanks to the Smart Tag technology – appear in the form of wristbands to be downloaded by customers. The next element is anchors. These are locating devices permanently installed in the building. Everything is complemented by a native application for Android, intended for store employees. The mobile application is used to monitor the location of nodes on the plan of the facility and signal the customer to approach the priority checkout.


The H&C system was implemented as part of a pilot in one of the supermarkets. People with reduced mobility receive an IoT device in the form of a node at the entrance to the store. Thanks to it, customers, by activating the “help” button, can immediately call an assistant to help with shopping. The device also informs the store employee servicing the priority checkout that a customer authorized to serve outside the queue is approaching it. In addition, the mobile application provides constant monitoring of the number and exact location of people authorized to use the system in the store. This makes the manager of the store efficiently supervise the work of store assistants, and thanks to the Ultra Wide Band technology, it indicates exactly where the person who needs support is located.


Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, UWB, BLE


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