Aura is primarily a comprehensive guide for health-conscious residents and an effective smog alert. The IoT device allows you to check which activities, depending on the current state of the air, are not recommended; it advices you whether you should ventilate the apartment, go for a walk or wear an anti-smog mask. At any time you can also check a specific area in the city where the air is the cleanest.

Scope of work

Within the smart city project our task was to build an IoT device from scratch and combine three functionalities in it. First of all, Aura has sensors for particulate matter such as PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, which are responsible for the formation of smog. Secondly, it contains gas sensors that monitor, amongst others, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. And thirdly, it is a meteo station that determines wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation and noise levels.


The device is maintenance-free and provides instantaneous measurements directly after connecting to the power supply and performing LAN/GSM/WIFI network access configuration. Our solution can also be supported by NarrowBand IoT. It is a LPWAN radio technology dedicated to IoT devices, working on a licensed frequency band used by telecom operators.

The application of a laser sensor for dust particles results in accurate measurement of the substances in the air and assessment of the environmental conditions in a given location. The sensors have a minimum service life of 20000 hours of continuous operation. The data from the sensors are deposited in the cloud, from which all devices can be configured.


The main data transmission technology: Narrowband-IoT - NB-IoT

Band: 800 MHz - B20 or 900 MHz - B8

An alternative to the main data transmission technology: Cat-M 4G/3G Cat5/Optical Fiber


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