Technology is increasingly affecting more and more industries, so no wonder that it is also boldly entering the world of animals - cats in particular. Our cute ones are going to receive the revolutionary spaceKotty device, which communicates with a dedicated smartphone application. The project is being implemented for myKotty – a company that has long been a trendsetter in the world of cat gadgets, and now has decided to cross paths with the IoT branch as well.

Scope of work

SpaceKotty is an intelligent litter tray that will help cat owners to take good care of their pets. Our team have developed software that communicates with the IoT device and have written a mobile application on iOS and Android, which connects to the smart tray via a built-in Wi-Fi module. The application allows you to configure the tray for the pet and to connect it to your home wireless network. And finally, we have made the system integration from the software side. As a result, all information about the cat collected by the tray is presented in the mobile application.


An intelligent tray that records how often a cat visits the tray and how long it stays in it. It also notes the weight of the pet, and in case of a sudden drop, it alerts the user. Such information is extremely important for the early detection of cat diseases. They are analysed in a mobile application that controls the litter tray using algorithms developed in collaboration with veterinary specialists. All data collected by spaceKotty about the cat’s condition is displayed in the app, and the most important information is sent in the form of notifications to our smartphone. The application also includes litter tray management, such as switching the lighting on and off, ventilation of the container and notifications to either replace or buy cat litter as it has the extra option for ordering the new one.


Application: React Native

Software: PHP, Laravel, WebSocket


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