MySpiroo (now AioCare)


This was one of the first projects of our R&D department. We were approached by a MySpiroo medical startup, which wanted to create a mobile spirometer to control breathing parameters and was managed by an app. The equipment was supposed to diagnose and monitor lung diseases. The client already had Proof of Concept, and our task was to build a prototype of the device and prepare the SDK to create a mobile application.

Scope of work

The R&D team prepared and integrated the whole electronics for the IoT device from scratch. We built the first prototype of MySpiroo, and then made subsequent modifications according to the client’s medical guidelines. In addition, we created a framework in order to build applications for both Android and iOS, with which the spirometer was to communicate. Data from the device could be transferred to the application via Bluetooth. As a technological partner of the project, we also supported startups in the process of device certification in Europe, the United States and Canada. In order to do so, we added technical documentation to the client’s requests. As a result, the mobile spirometer can proudly boast about FDA, ISO, CE and FCC certificates.


MySpiroo nowadays have become AioCare. The solution is described as a breakthrough in the battle against asthma and in the treatment of patients with lung diseases. We are still supporting the customer in the process of manufacturing the device and introducing possible modifications. Currently, AioCare is a professional monitoring and diagnostic system consisting of a portable spirometer, mobile application and an online panel for reading measurements. The device allows you to perform a spirometry test at any time and place, and then send the results to the doctor, who sees them in their panel.

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Device: Embedded C++, Bluetooth Low Energy

Environment: Keil, KiCad

Application: Objective C, Java


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