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The project was commissioned by Poland’s largest furniture group – Black Red White. The company decided to introduce another online solution to simplify the purchase process. Our task was to create a Flex wardrobe configurator. The product was supposed to be intuitive, eye-pleasing, and easy to use.

Scope of work

The role of the team was to create a comprehensive application. We started by preparing mock-ups for both mobile and desktop configurator. Mechanisms on the client’s side of the configurator, such as the selection of accessories or wardrobes, content completion, and redirection were designed in the React library. The backend, including the CMS for self-editing of components, was created in PHP. The 3D components were created in three.js. Due to the huge number of combinations of wardrobe dimensions and accessories, the visualization is rendered in real-time.


BRW customers have received a fully responsive and multifunctional Flex wardrobe configurator. Those, who plan to purchase furniture can save time and create original wardrobe designs. The user can test various configurations and adjust the dimensions to their needs. The configurator also allows choosing the color of the door and the frame. The tool – with the customer’s interaction – updates prices and transfers already selected products directly to the shopping cart located on the website. The configurator is available here.


React, PHP 7, three.js


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