We’ve decided to create a mobile app, which makes it simpler to search for quotes, mark it as well as make notes from the book. The comfort of using eBooks and pleasure from reading a real book were connected into one great app. We realized the project for the startup.

Scope of work

Concept, software and design. Content of the book is presented as highlighted lines. Thanks to this, the app user may find himself in the page structure easily, but cannot read it in the app. Adding a book to the app is automated. First, the book is scanned by the specialized company, then it’s added in the CMS panel and analyzed. On this basis Booke creates the page view in the form of lines and the content base to search.


We’ve created an app which helps us to search and mark interesting excerpts from the book. Moreover, we can add our own notes, pics, movies or website links to chosen quotes. In order not to distract the reader it is also possible to use voice commands to search and mark them easily. The user may share highlighted quotes with his friends in social media.


Swift, optical character recognition (OCR), speech recognition, PHP and MySQL


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