In the process of digitalization of enterprises, one of the central roles is played by the information supporting the management process as well as by data collection and analysis. The solution that works effectively in this field is the ERP system Impuls EVO, developed by BPSC. Our task was to create a mobile tool for managing a product-based company, that would be closely linked to this system. The Start Screens application was supposed to transfer the most important company information to the smartphone.

Scope of work

The application was built using Flutter. It is a technology created by Google, that enables developing mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android. Flutter allowed us to optimize our work and focus on creating just a single codebase. The Start Screens download data and use the infrastructure of the existing Impuls EVO platform. This solution enables enterprise resource planning. All data presented in the application are in one place and are updated in real-time, and built-in filters allow for customization of the displayed information.


Start Screens give you full control over the enterprise contained inside a smartphone. The application has a form of a dashboard and enables a quick overview of the most important indicators in the company. It puts great emphasis on intuitive operation and a clear interface. Presented data are adjusted to the user and one’s position in the company. Each user can respectively filter the data and adjust it to the character of the company, one’s position in the organization, and one’s information needs. For more insightful analysis we are provided with charts, tables, and indicators. As a result, the application has become valuable not only for the management but also for employees.

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