We supported the medical startup CardioCube technologically, namely the development of their original product - a special voice assistant - for patients with heart failure. Our task was to create a software that would work with Alexa from the Amazon brand.

Scope of work

The CardioCube AI device uses communication in the form of the patient’s voice, which, thanks to Alexa, is its home link to the clinic or hospital. Patient data is collected through an interview with the Amazon Echo voice device. Then, after analysis by special algorithms, they are sent to doctors. With CardioCube AI, patient information is prepared in the form of clear data sets and trends that accurately reflect their health status. Finally, our Research and Development department handed over the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is constantly being developed by medical startup but already in the larger American market.


The IoT device is supposed to make patients visit hospitals less often and doctors make quicker and more accurate diagnoses. Patients may also ask for a home visit, quickly report malaise or supplementation of medicines. The product is currently being developed in the U.S. market, where the startup has relocated all its activities. CardioCube is one of the downloadable applications for Alexa, but you can only do it in the United States.

Cardio Cube from netizens on Vimeo.


Laravel, Node.js, Amazon AWS, NLP i AI


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