Netizens has accompanied Edipresse Polska since the beginning of the digital revolution, which reached the world of the press. This has been achieved thanks to the integration of our solution with software for computer design, assembly and preparation of materials for printing. Up to this day, the publishing house still uses the RPW system created by us, which manages the entire publishing process and virtually supervises the work on dozens of magazines, such as Viva! or Pani Domu.

Scope of work

Our programmers have prepared the third version of the RPW system, i.e. the Advanced Publishing System, which is used by over 200 Edipresse employees. This is where the editorial heart of the publishing house beats. The application in the form of a spyglass provides, among others, security of all data, access to work statistics on each number, control of work on files in InDesign, support and visualization of various types of materials – articles, advertisements, access to and access to PDF and InDesign files, import of SAP users, editing of texts or automatic upload of PDF files to the printing house.


For a media concern, the third version of the so-called electronic spyware system remains indispensable for the management of issues of 26 paper magazines. RPW 3.0 has improved communication on editorial work because the changes made by the user are updated and displayed to others in real-time. Thanks to the optimization of the system and its architecture, its stability and efficiency have significantly increased, which has a huge impact on the management of such a large number of files. Additionally, we have implemented functions monitoring and visualizing the current status of key elements of the system infrastructure. This allows employees to react in advance or prepare for unwanted changes in the RPW structure.

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Technologies: PHP 7, serwery Linux i Windows, InDesign Server, plugin do programu Adobe InDesign

Desktop application for Mac/Windows: Electron, JavaScript, Vue.js


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