Funktional specializes in complex solutions regarding brand, service, and product creation. But this time the project was about the agency itself and its brand new website. Funktional was just getting ready for global expansion and for announcing their new business strategy. One of the agency’s goals was to become known as a partner in first-class website creation. And in order to do that, the company needed a new online showpiece. Preferably with that space odyssey vibe to it...

Scope of work

The work on the project was conducted together with the Funktional agency who was responsible for the creative side of the new website. Our task was to cut and program the website. The provided graphics were demanding web development-wise, but our Front-end Department surely enjoys such challenges.


The webpage accentuates the company’s new philosophy with its main underlying principle: to seek unconventional solutions combining innovation, technology, design, and taking on difficult challenges. Funktional’s new communication strategy was inspired by space exploration and conquest together with the challenges they present. Upon entering the website, the user instantly sets out on a cosmic journey. The website – not even a month after it premiered — was awarded in three web design contests: Honorable Mention by Awwwards, Special Kudos from CSS Design Awards, and Site of The Day award by CSS Winner.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress


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