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For the third time already we have had the opportunity to prepare a website for our long-time client - Katowice Airport. Before starting the project, we had three fundamental assumptions. The client wanted the website to be simple and provide passengers with quick access to key information. Secondly, the website was supposed to be fully responsive and easy to navigate on mobile devices. Finally, the new website was to have sales functions developed.

Scope of work

Due to the fact that almost 70% of users used the airport’s website via mobile devices, the starting point for the project was to prepare a new website for mobiles. We created a clickable prototype showing exactly how all user interactions with the website would look like – a total of over 170 views of the mobile version were collected. Based on the created mockups we extracted about 40 templates of subpages, on the basis of which we created the rest of the site. The new website is a new flight schedule in the form of an advanced search engine. On the main page there is also a developed sales panel, which has been integrated with booking services of Katowice Airport partners.


We have created a website that is a response to both the user’s needs and the business needs of the airport. The website is clear, legible and easy to use. Thanks to the tests of the most complicated functionalities, we have managed to simplify the process of car park or reservation service as much as possible. In the My Prol tab, the user has access to all information related to their account, detailed history of reservations and available discount codes. Additionally, we made sure that it was as well adapted to the needs of disabled people. We did it basing on high contrast, enlarged texts and the possibility to move around the whole site using the keyboard.

Website received a prize in the Mobile Trends Awards 2019 competition. Together with Katowice Airport we won in the category Website or Mobile Service / RWD – useful.

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JavaScript, HTML5, PHP 7, Laravel 5.


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