Both magic and ecology were supposed to appear in this project. Together with the agency 24/7Communication we were supposed to create an interactive wall for their long-time client McDonald's. The installation was to support the Scale for Good campaign, an initiative showing how a brand uses its global reach to protect the environment.

Scope of work

We were responsible for the design and preparing the software layer of the installation. It took us four weeks to build an interactive wall. We used a multimedia projector and a desktop application for Windows in the project. Thanks to this, it was only a touch of a hand to run a specific element on the wall and thus, convey the planned message on environmental protection.


The area of animation projection was 2 x 1.2 meters. After touching every static graphics on the wall, the facts about recycling, green energy or sustainable McDonald’s production came to life on the screen. The installation had its premiere at the European Economic Congress and was then exhibited at the COP24 summit in Katowice and at the company’s internal events. At each event it immediately attracted the attention of the participants and long queues were formed. The project received a distinction in the Polish Graphic Design Awards competition in the category of interactive animation.

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Multimedia projector

Desktop application on Windows


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