Technology has once again entered the world of medicine. No queues, quickly and efficiently - that is how a telemedical booth works, examining basic health parameters by means of a set of devices installed in it. The main idea of the MediBox project is to popularize prevention tests and increase awareness of healthcare. The product is an opportunity for easy access to the examinations and frequent control of your health condition without the involvement of a doctor.

Scope of work

We designed, built and programmed a telemedical booth from scratch. During the work we put emphasis on functionality, intuitive solution and modern design of the pod. All of this contributes to the fact that examination is carried out in comfortable conditions. Web application supporting smart booth was written in Electron technology. The key in this project was to build and integrate testing tools in one IoT device – digital ECG, pressure meter, pulse oximeter, weight and body composition analyzer.


MediBox is a new kind of quality in the Polish healthcare system. Due to its size, the medical booth attracts attention, but above all, it offers anonymous and independent basic diagnostic tests, such as blood pressure measurement, ECG, body composition analysis, blood saturation and body scale. All you have to do is enter the pod, sit down comfortably, choose the type of examination and follow the commands appearing on the touch screen. The device performing the specific test will be illuminated. The results are available immediately or sent as a PDF to the selected e-mail.


Electron, C, Python


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