Is it possible to send a personalized message to a random customer who is located in a specific location of a shopping centre? Organising a shopper marketing campaign, we were to combine new technologies with a bit of creativity. Our task was to create an interactive installation that would encourage consumers to contact the Nivea brand and at the same time support the sale of the company's products in supermarkets of the Super-Pharm chain.

Scope of work

We were involved in the project from top to bottom as we were responsible for the concept, programming and design. The right combination of these three elements made us achieve success. To prepare the installation, we used an inner voice technology, thanks to which the messages were directed to a specific place, e.g. a square of 2m x 2m. The message was heard only by one person in the field of the loudspeaker.


The installation in the ceiling of the SuperPharm store  was located directly above the stand with promotional Nivea products. The interactive design detected the moment when the consumer stood in the designated place and activated the voice encouraging to purchase the product. Customers definitely liked the project. Almost 9000 people were involved in the promotion campaign within just 10 days. What is important, the unusual campaign was accompanied by a 20% increase in sales.


Arduino, PHP, C++, OpenCV i Adobe Air


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