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Is it possible to link technology and art for a noble purpose? As the campaign „Art Of Active Good” has shown, it is. During the campaign, a robot transforming Internet hate directed at WOŚP into a painting was created. Cheil Poland Agency came up with an idea to use negative comments about WOŚP in a positive way. There was a goal – to make people aware of the effects of hatred, and at the same time, to use our skills and knowledge to turn the negative into the positive

Scope of work

The robot was to collect comments and transform them into a picture. It was only possible by using the algorithm that interpreted the content of the messages. The robot took three layers of the content into consideration: text, meaning, and emotional value. The first layer influenced its movement, whether it turned right or left, and space it should cover. The meaning layer affected the color distribution, and the emotional one controlled the pressure of the brush on the canvas and the amount of the paint released.  A three-wheeled machine moved around the canvas, where it released paint and painted with a brush. This is how the image was created, which is a graphical record of the content. The robot was powered by two engines. His heart is the Arduino programming platform, which converts the created algorithm into engine power. It also controls the work of pumps responsible for firing the appropriate color of the paint. The robot’s work was managed from the administrative panel, where the comments were entered. The panel automatically processed the sentences in terms of the number of characters, words and dependencies.


The result was a work of art painted – literally – from words and emotions. The painting, measuring 200 x 200 cm, was divided into two parts. One half of the painting was put up for auction at the official Allegro auction and sold for over 5 thousand zlotych. The second part of the picture was dedicated to crowdfunding action. The money from the auction was credited to the GOCC account. The whole action was accompanied by great media interest, as a result of which the robot painter was featured on television, radio and in the press. In total, several dozen publications were collected.


Robot: Arduino

CMS panel: HTML, Node.js, Firebird


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