How to control all the processes in the company? Fast access to knowledge seem to be a key to success and efficient information flow may increase company’s effectiveness. We created advanced CRM system supporting company’s operations and cooperation with partners.

Scope of work

Analysis, architecture and implementation. We’ve prepared an advanced tool supporting organization of work – dedicated ERP system with diverse users groups. All the paper documentation has been moved into “electronic data bank” which ERP system became. We’ve integrated ERP system with software that has been used by the company: Symfonia Handel, Symfonia FK, Comarch ECOD, Farmacol.


A made-to-measure ERP system helps the company making key decisions. Thanks to the integration with other internal systems, it plays “data bank” role as well. Replacing paper documentation into electronic data interchange (EDI) has optimized cooperation with the company’s partners. Control over particular processes – from storage to distribution – has been automatized. Despite being dedicated to important and sometimes complicated processes, the system is user-friendly and may be managed by the intuitive panel.




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