The project has been led by the Buzz Media agency which takes care of the whole marketing activities for SKYN - premium SKYN condoms distributed by the Unimil company. Netizens has been responsible for building a vending machine dedicated for student festivals in Cracow, Warsaw and Poznan as well as Audioriver Festival. The machine is aimed to promote the product among young people.

Scope of work

Building vending machine from scratch. Selecting hardware and software solutions. Development of the logic of the application. Designing application interface and machine cover. Programming machine management system. Facebook and SMSAPI integration. Technical support during events and logistics.


Vending machine was the main attraction in the special SKYN zone during four music events. SKYN Sampler has been equipped with the touch screen and dedicated printer, what enabled event members make his or her own, personalized condoms package. The text on the packaging started with “I want”, “I have” or “I like” words – the rest was in the author’s hands. The print itself lasted less than a minute and the result may have been shared on Facebook or through MMS right away.


HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Adobe Flash Player


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