It controls and keeps watch 24 hours a day and when necessary, it immediately calls for an intervention. Sova is preventing theft while reducing security costs. The best skills of security guards have been “locked” in a single IoT device, prepared by our R&D department. The mysterious abbreviation Sova means a Security Operating Video Audio system.

Scope of work

Sova is an interdisciplinary and multi-purpose monitoring system contained in a single IoT device. Smart boxes are equipped with cameras and motion detectors combined with a modern security system that can automatically trigger an alarm at any time. Data from cameras and sensors monitoring the area are collected in real time and transmitted to the headquarters of the security company. The system allows security guards to remotely transmit a voice message to an intruder found on the building area, or to simply set off an audible alarm. We were responsible for both hardware (boxes, monitoring) and software solution (e.g. sound signals, warning messages).


The primary function of the product is to continuously stream images from all cameras connected to the device. What is important, all data and recordings are archived by the system. It is worth noting that the autonomous monitoring system is completely pro-ecological, as it is powered by a photovoltaic installation and a wind turbine. Alternatively, Sova can operate using power from the lighthouse on which it is installed. The IoT product is most suitable for construction sites, but our system is designed to handle any type of facility and open spaces – from large areas to individual buildings. 


Maximum number of HD cameras: 9

Signalling devices: Optical/Acoustic/Streaming Audio

Controller: Mobile Application / PC Application

System voltage: 10.5-14.5V DC

Can operate from 230V AC power supply

Maximum power of the photovoltaic installation: 300 W

Maximum output of a wind turbine: 400 W

Emergency battery: 20 hours of service after basic power failure

Post height max: 5m (+ lightning protection 1m)


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