Our job was to create an installation that egnages visitor with the brand and encourage to tweet. Installation prepared for Dmexco Fair in Cologne

Scope of work

Netizens and ConceptX were responsible for the project from A to Z. We’ve designed clock, came up with the idea of the whole mechanism and implemented it. The clock was equipped with the administration panel, which helped our Client configure any hashtag. We’ve brought old printer’s tray to life and used it in the installation. The clock was handmade by the talented artist specialized in woodcarving.


The cuckoo clock attracted many fair visitors who were tweeting actively. After 14 days the number of tweets increased to 2700. There were also 300 retweets. The installation turned out to be such success that the Customer ordered another Cuckoo clock, which hangs in the headquarters permanently. Thanks to the screen integrated this clock has also a social dimension – all sent tweets show up on it.


Raspberry, Embedded C++, Node.js


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