Smartwatches are currently one of the most popular gadgets. Our client decided to take advantage of the boom on smart watches and create a first online shop selling smartwatches in Poland. The website had to be adapted to promotion campaigns with various partners and was supposed to guarantee automatic user service. The customer also paid a lot of attention to future customer opinions and thus - so necessary in the e-commerce industry - credibility.

Scope of work

Watchbook is distinguished by an advanced search engine, which guarantees a quick overview of all available smartphone models and checking their parameters. The website enables conducting promotion campaigns and shopping with the use of discount codes. The most important task in the implementation was the proper integration of the website with systems for purchase and delivery (PayU, DHL, WP Desk), order handling (Base Linker, Invoicing) and price comparison (Opineo, Ceneo, Facebook, Google Merchant Center). The shop uses the Messenger service as a form of the first contact with the customer. The visual identification of the shop has also been included on our side of the work.


The appropriate selection and compilation of all the tools necessary for the construction of a shop has brought the expected results from the very beginning. More than a million sales figures only after three months of working is undeniable proof.  Watchbook has a dozen or so promotional campaigns with various partners and has collected several hundred positive customer reviews, which greatly strengthened its position in the network. Users appreciate the advanced and intuitive search engine. The website is constantly being enriched with new models of smartphones and sports accessories.


WordPress, WooCommerce


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