This was our first project for E. Wedel, who wanted to present their company as good as possible during the Poznań Game Arena, the largest computer games fair in Central and Eastern Europe. To attract the attention of the guests - among such a huge competition - it was necessary to use creative technology. This is how we came up with the idea of combining a computer game with chocolate in the form a vending machine.

Scope of work

Due to its size, the machine was immediately noticeable, and the game itself consisted of placing a bar of chocolate on a touch screen. The blocks consisting of 2 and 3 chocolate cubes in different configurations appeared at the top of the screen and started to fall down. The player using touch had to rotate them and arrange them in the lower part so as to create the rows of chocolate cubes. The game was written in Unity technology. We also prepared the design and all the electronics of the vending machine from scratch.


The installation turned out to be a real hit of the Poznan event and for three days, over two thousand people used it. There were long queues of people willing to join the game. Participants were tempted by the possibility to play the game, but also a sweet treat for victory. At the end, everyone who correctly arranged the falling chocolate cubes could receive one of E. Wedel products, which were in the machine.


Vending machine: Unity, Adobe flash Player

Hardware, firmware


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