Whisbear is a favorite company for new parents, because their humming bears help their children fall asleep. Our customer wanted to develop the product and introduce a new, humming toy to the market - Sloth E-zzy. The device connects to a dedicated application in the parent's smartphone using the Bluetooth module. The most important thing for us was… toy's heart. Owning to it, Sloth reacts with noise to the toddler’s weeping and monitors his sleep, and all the information is received and analyzed by the application.

Scope of work

The work on the application for Whisbear went beyond the usual development tasks and touched upon the most important competencies of Netizens. From the activities on the hardware layer of the project, through the device software to the design of an application for mobile devices. We started with changing the hardware configuration of the toy and developing and implementing firmware. Then we created a native mobile application for iOS and Android with a CMS panel. We were also co-responsible for the graphics and UX


We have designed an application that allows you to control the toy, sends alerts to the parent’s phone when the child starts crying and provides statistics that allow you to assess the quality of the child’s sleep. In addition, the parent has a personalized calendar, a collection of practical tips and information, and a function that allows you to document your child’s developmental steps and then share them on social media. Even before the premiere, the Sloth gained recognition among parents and experts in the children’s industry, having wong many awards not only in Poland, but also in the USA and Great Britain. The application itself received a distinction in the Mobile Trends Awards 2018 competition.

Read the review on Clutch


Application: iOS (Swift), Android (Java), Bluetooth

CMS panel: PHP 7.0

Device firmware: C++


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