The creation of several key services (,, for the largest school publishing house in Poland. One of them was also WSiPnet, an educational platform for cooperation between a teacher and a student.

Scope of work

Because WSiPnet is dedicated to different target groups – teachers and students – we emphasized the necessity to prepare functional mockups. Thanks to this, the system is user-friendly and easy to search for interesting issues. WSipnet has been integrated with the SCORM system. Students don’t like blackboards, therefore we’ve personalized online walls. That makes it easier to communicate, exchange files and homework as well as organize their status.


Wsipnet has been created with virtual cooperation between teacher and student in mind. It should be always right at hand, that’s why Wsipnet has its mobile version. This educational platform adjusts automatically to the size of the mobile device or the browser. WSiPnet provides students and teachers with access to WSiP e-books and offers interactive exercises.


PHP, Laravel, WordPress


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