The project has been implemented by Netizens and Hill+Knowlton Strategies Poland - the agency which cooperates with Zywiec. The campaign was a part of a whole Meskie Granie tour in Poznan, Katowice, Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw and Zywiec. Netizens was responsible for creating website and vending machine which was a special attraction during tour. It turned out that the right direction is to connect creative engineering with gamification.

Scope of work

Design and creation of a website as well as programming of a vending machine management system. Technical support during the events.

Effects website consisted of the most important information regarding the campaign. Its users were able to get to know more about the alcohol impact on the organism or how to drink it responsibly. also gave the possibility to log in to take part in the competition that had been taking place during the event.

Participants took part in the game in the Keep Division zone during events. Its goal was to… keep the division! The first task was to answer correctly three questions in the quiz on their smartphones. Questions were regarding responsible alcohol consumption.  Next, the participant could check out whether he’s still able to keep division by repeating the pose that shows up on the vending machine’s screen.  Everyone who has passed this test got the prize and boast it on Facebook.


Website: HTML, CSS, WordPress

Vending machine: Kinect, Adobe Flash Player, PHP


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