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Check out our best projects on this video montage [TOP 10 VIDEOS]


Would you like to shoot a cannon at our employees? How can robot-painter turn hate into a piece of art? How did the McDonald’s magic wall work? We invite you to a movie journey through Netizens projects, where you will find answers to these and many other questions.

Software, mobile apps, CRM systems or IoT devices accompanied by a mix of technologies. During 22 years, we have completed a lot of unconventional projects for clients from many industries. Of course, not all of them could be presented in the form of video materials, but we still have a really extensive film collection. We have selected ten best projects for you. When creating the Top 10 list, we took into account not only the visual qualities of the project, but also the idea of ​​presenting it on the camera.

In our ranking, the order of videos is completely random. Are you ready? If so, we are starting a film review directed by Netizens.

Cuckoo clock for Twitter

The skillful combination of modernity and tradition was a hit. We are starting from one of our favorite R&D project, an interactive clock for Twitter. Netizens and ConceptX were responsible for the project from A to Z. We’ve designed clock, came up with the idea of the whole mechanism and implemented it.

Twitter Cuckoo Clock from netizens on Vimeo.

Magic wall for McDonald’s

Our technology promotes ecology and does it well. We have created an interactive wall for McDonald’s. We were responsible for the design and preparing the software layer of the installation. After touching every static graphics on the wall, the facts about recycling, green energy or sustainable McDonald’s production came to life on the screen.

Interaktywna ściana dla McDonald’s from netizens on Vimeo.

Personalized condoms package

This project gave us a lot of fun and once again showed that technology can play a major role in a marketing campaign. For the SKYN brand we have built and programmed a special vending machine. SKYN Sampler has been equipped with the touch screen and dedicated printer, what enabled event members make his or her own, personalized condoms package.

Maszyna vendingowa dla SKYN from netizens on Vimeo.

Make a swallow with Zywiec

We stay in the world of vending machnies. How to catch the attention of the participants of the Meskie Granie? It turned out that the right direction is to connect creative engineering with gamification. ​​For the Zywiec we have built and programmed a vending machine. Concert participant could check out whether he’s still able to keep division by repeating the pose that shows up on the vending machine’s screen.

Making of – Maszyna vendingowa dla Żywca from netizens on Vimeo.

First time in Poland

We get on the time machine and move to Katowice Airport in 2011. This is the time of the first interactive, non-contact and airport information screen in Poland. The whole project was accompanied by great media interest and it was a real hit in the world of new technologies.

Interaktywny ekran informacyjny Katowice Airport from netizens on Vimeo.

Great snowball battle

This project was as part of our christmas card. We have built and programmed a cannon, which shooted styrofoam snowballs at Netizens employees. Thanks to a special landing page, our clients could control interactive snowball cannon. The number one target of battle was our CEO. That was great fun.

Interaktywna kartka świąteczna 2012 from netizens on Vimeo.

A robot-painter turned hate into an art form

Is it possible to link technology and art for a noble purpose? We built a robot transforming Internet hate directed at WOŚP into a painting. The result was a work of art painted – literally – from words and emotions. The whole action was accompanied by great media interest, as a result of which the robot painter was featured on television, radio and in the press.

Sztuka Dobro Czynna case movie from netizens on Vimeo.

Individual promotion

Is it possible to send a personalized message to a customer who is located in a specific location? Of course, and Nivea brand spoke with a human voice, literally. We were involved in the project from top to bottom as we were responsible for the concept, programming and design. To prepare the installation, we used an inner voice technology.

Nivea Super-Pharm from netizens on Vimeo.

NIVEA – Inner Voice from netizens on Vimeo.

Bubble machine

This is a real gem from our movie’s portfolio. A small, demonstrative project from the R&D department which immediately brings a smile on your face. See for yourself what came out of the combination of a smartphone and … soap bubbles.

Bubble Machine from netizens on Vimeo.

Personalized gift bag printing machine

Tired of using ribbons or paper, to wrap Christmas gifts? We created a special vending machine that prints out personalized gift bags for your loved ones. The interactive installation was placed in Galeria Katowicka Shopping Mall. Only the mobile app users were able to use the machine.

Maszyna drukująca spersonalizowane torebki from netizens on Vimeo.

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